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Sandi and Neil

Welcome! Our work is created in the rich cultural environment of the
Fairmount neighborhood, surrounding the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
We are the Neighborhood Potters. We choose to make functional pottery
because it enriches daily living. Pots help us connect with people on a
very basic human level. In these times of fast food, where so much food
is eaten out of paper, plastic or styrofoam, we feel that hand made pottery
can bring some soul into the daily rituals of eating and drinking.

In our work we strive to show the vitality of clay, especially through the
use of texture. Most of Neil’s forms begin on the potter’s wheel and are
then altered (faceted, ridged, cut and re-assembled.) Most of Sandi’s
forms are hand built from textured slabs of clay. While she also works
on the wheel, Sandi finds that working with slabs offers her more
versatility to develop her ideas with forms. In our functional work we
want to make pots that are beautiful to look at, friendly, and
comfortable to use.

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About Us and Sustainability
In our work we touch the Earth every day, literally. The stoneware and porcelain clay that we use is made from some of the most abundant resources on earth (Silica and Alumina.) We strive to craft objects of lasting beauty from this material to enrich and beautify life; to bring an aesthetic experience to the savoring of a cup of coffee or to the kitchen table. We consider our stewardship of the materials we use an important part of our work. We recycle every scrap of clay and we use no lead or toxic ingredients in our glazes. We signed up to purchase wind generated electricity as soon as Pennsylvania offered electric choice (in 2004.) We only fire our electric kilns when we have full, efficient loads and in the winter we use the residual heat to help warm our recycled 1851 studio. We strive to insulate our studio building and retro-fit it to be as energy efficient as possible. Recently we were awarded an Energy Audit (and modest grant) from the city to help with our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Thanks to the close proximity of our home to our studio we no longer need to own a car. In the end we are trying to make the world a bit more beautiful through our work. Our first love is the beautiful Green Earth and all of its inhabitants; we would never want to compromise the perfect natural world.

To visit the studio give us a call at 215-236-1617

Resumes and Artist Statements

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