This page is all about spreading the good word about clay and various forming techniques through teaching at home and around the country.

We each teach workshops individually, but we also teach together. When we teach together, you get the best of both worlds. We demonstrate various pottery forms with Neil showing techniques on the wheel and Sandi showing many ways to work with slabs. When we teach individually, Sandi teaches slab building techniques and Neil teaches throwing and altering. Contact us to bring us to your venue.

We have a very busy teaching schedule and here are some highlights
of workshops and special projects.

In June Sandi lead a workshop, “It’s Pouring Pots!” at our studio. It was a
great group of people and we all had a great time learning and laughing!



In late February and early March of 2008, Neil was invited to be an artist in residence at the Marlton Elementary School where he lead a mosaic project in which the entire school participated. A description
of the project and photos follow below.

Creation of a mosaic tile mural for Marlton Elementary School
Earlier in 2008 Neil was an Artist in Residence at Marlton Elementary School in Marlton NJ. Neil worked with every student in the school (over 500 children!) to create this fabulous tile mosaic which has now transformed the schools foyer to the gym. Each student in grades one through five created their own unique tiles on the theme of “The Sea” to be incorporated into the mosaic. A student design team guided the over-all layout. Invited by school principal (and Fairmount neighbor) Julio Feldman and working with Art teacher Randi Gordon the following steps were undertaken:
• Presentation about the project and a brainstorming session with fourth and fifth grade “design team.”
• Integration of design team concepts into a final, working design.
• Presentation to students about mosaic as an art form during Art class and explanation about the context of this mural and their participation in it.
• Working with each student to create their own unique clay component to be integrated within the mural. After firing these were glazed in Art class.
• Laying out finished tiles and integrating into projected student design (approximately 136 square feet.) See second photo.
• Adhering tiles to the site wall. (With volunteer parent assistance.)
• Grouting between mosaic tiles. (With volunteer parent assistance.)
Special thanks to the Marlton Elementary School PTA for funding this residency and to all of the great young artists who made the final mosaic so exuberant!
If you would like any more information on this project or would like to inquire about having Neil as an Artist in residence please email us.







In March of 2008 we taught a five day workshop in San Diego for the Clay Artists of San Diego. It was held at the Nottingham Center for the Arts in San Marcos. We had a great group of people and lots of laughs. Bigs thanks go to Jackson Gray for inviting us and organizing the workshop, and to Terry Sullivan, the director of Nottingham Center for generously giving over his space to us.





(from top to bottom): Neil teaches Ryan Roulette to throw…his first time!
Sandi demonstrating, Neil demonstrating, Neil, Jackson, Sandi & Terry.

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