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Our Popular Adult Pottery Classes are Full for the Winter Session.

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Tumbers and cups above & below / thrown & carved by Sandi

New Multiple Glaze Tumblers by Neil


Guest Artist Trish DeMasi / Mixed Media Paintings & Drawings below

Guest Artist Jim Shelly / Hand Knit Work
Beautiful Scarves
Baby Blankets

Bronze Earrings by Sandi

At Work in the Studio

We are honored to be the recipients of a
Preservation Alliance Award & the
Philadelphia Storefront Challenge Winner for Best Overall Design
for our Façade Renovation.

Neil’s latest Tile Mosaic was just unveiled at

Marlton Elementary School!

Neil spent several weeks this semester as Artist in Residence at the
school and worked with over 400 students to design and create tiles for this 100 square foot mural.

Neil Working on Mural

Neil Trimming Bowls

Sandi working on some new cup designs with carving and slip inlay

Some of Sandi’s new Jewelry

CircleMatic Form Finder Template Set Now Available! Learn About Circular Templates and Conical Forms by using CircleMatic Templates. They are fun to use and you will soon find that the possibilities are endless! Go to CircleMatic.com to learn more.

Sandi now has a CircleMatic DVD!  This one hour video explains how to use the templates to increase your creativity and learn how to develop forms.  TO VIEW A CLIP OF THE VIDEO AND BUY THE DVD CLICK HERE.

Friends Adam Ledford & Dominique Ellis led Clay Animation Workshops that trained about 100 Moroccan youth in Visual Storytelling. They shared their experience during our premier Friday Night Splash event on May 13th.

New Work by Sandi & Neil & New Historic Facade (facade photo by Brad Jamula

Bronze & Amethyst Earrings (new bead & wire work jewelry by Sandi)

Horseshoe Pendant Necklace/Bronze with Lampwork bead/ by Sandi

Sneak peak at some of Sandi's new work ready to be glazed

Thank you to all our friends & neighbors
who helped us celebrate our new facade!

A heartfelt BIG THANK YOU to our funding sources:
• The Spring Garden CDC •
• The Philadelphia Commerce Department •
• The Merchant’s Fund •
We could not have done this project without
the generous grants from these groups.
We would also like to thank Walnut Tree Construction
for their professionalism & excellent work on the facade.

Sandi & Neil cut the ribbon on their new historic storefront (photo by Brad Jamula)

New historic storefront finally finished and filled with pots! (photo by Brad Jamula)

Below is the “Before” photo…what a facelift!

Below listen to a Podcast Interview by Ben Carter on
“Tales of a Red Clay Rambler”

Click on the link below to check out our Podcast Interview by Ben Carter

Tales of a Red Clay Rambler!

Welcome to our website where we hope you enjoy your visit with us. Our site is a way to keep you posted on our life and work, which are so intertwined it is hard to separate them.
Our life influences and inspires our studio work.
Thanks for your interest!

To be notified of classes, events, or studio sales go to “Contact Us”.

Sandi & Neil at their studio sale party.

December 2014

Sandi’s newest work

Neil’s newest work and some favorite forms

Neil and Sandi making work for the Annual Holiday Show



 National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts:

As part of her presentation at the NCECA panel “Igniting the Workshop Circuit”, Sandi made this video on how to break the ice with students at the beginning of a workshop. The panel was lead by Tommy Frank, Studio Manager of Red Star Studios in Kansas City. The other panelists were Bill Griffith, Program Director at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN, and Linda Arbuckle, Professor of Ceramics at University of Florida in Gainsville. After getting many requests to see the video again from people who attended the panel, it is now up on YouTube:

“Igniting the Workshop Circuit”/”ICEBREAKER” video

Please share the video with teachers you think might like it.

FALL 2013

HANDBUILT for CERF+ raises $10,000!  On the weekend of September 20-22, Sandi organized a benefit conference for the Craft Emergency Relief Fund and raised $10,000. 
Click here to see photos of the event.
Neil Patterson, Vince Pitelka, Lana Wilson, Cornelia Carey Director of CERF+, Sandi Pierantozzi, Chandra DeBuse & Mitch Lyons.
(photo by Dave Thomas)



 CircleMatic Form Finder Template Set Now Available! Learn About Circular Templates and Conical Forms by using CircleMatic Templates. They are fun to use and you will soon find that the possibilities are endless! Go to CircleMatic.com to learn more.

Tumblers by Sandi

Platter by Sandi

Batter Bowl and Oval Dish by Sandi, Teapot by Neil

Cups by Sandi

Neil’s new handbuilt Animal Bowls
Slab built tumblers by Sandi waiting to be unloaded from the kiln

Handbuilt Bird Bowl by Neil

Vases, creamers and wine cups by Sandi

Autumn 2014

Beautiful Squashes waiting to be stuffed and baked

We may have lost the sweet peaches of Summer, but now we get to have Sweet Potatoes. We love spending time in the kitchen together, so in Autumn and Winter we have a great time cooking up a storm on Sundays. Lots of good smells coming from our kitchen!

Home Grown Fennel drying out to be used in soups and stews all winter long.

 Summer 2012

Our Little Paradise on the Deck

There is nothing like home grown tomatoes!

We had a show at Plinth Gallery in Denver this Summer, so we went to Steamboat Springs Colorado for a few days in June. These were flowers in the Beautiful Botanic Garden there.

Botanic Gardens Rock Garden

We also had the pleasure of soaking in the hot springs at Strawberry Park Hot Springs in Steamboat.

Winter Work 2012

Bluebird Serving Bowl by Neil Patterson

Cannoli Vase by Sandi Pierantozzi

Below is some of our new work

Jars Galore by Neil

Knob Bowl by Neil

New Cups by Sandi Pierantozzi

Tea Lights by Neil

Jumbo Size Cups by Neil

Assembled Bowl by Neil

New Teapot by Sandi

New Orbit Vase Forms by Sandi

Fun Salt & Pepper Sets by Sandi

Summer 2011

Sandi demonstrating at Penland School of Crafts. She and Holly Walker taught a workshop together called “The Slow Pot Duet”. It was a fantastic group and they had a great time teaching together.

Sandi and Holly Walker on the final day of their workshop at Penland.

Penland studio assistants Chanda Glendinning and Victoria Smith kept things running smoothly during the workshop. Mark Errol, another assistant models Sandi’s apron for a good laugh!

Back in the studio, Neil’s popular animal jars and Sandi’s new bowls.

Spring 2011

Our Studio Assistant Victoria Smith let’s the kids mess with the plate she demonstrated during the Fairmount Arts Crawl.

Winter, 2011

Once again our neighbors are out playing after a 15″ snow fall.
Our street is alive with snowmen and snow tunnels!

A Christmas visit to Cleveland with a walk along Lake Erie and a visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art where the photo of the Robin in a tree with berries was taken. What a beautiful sight that was.

Autumn, 2010

In September we celebrated Ten years on Fairmount Avenue. This giant cake fed many visitors!

To celebrate our Ten years and thank our community for their continued support, we had a birthday party that included us putting our wheels out on the sidewalk for anyone to try their hand at throwing. We also had a handbuilding table set up.  A few of our students helped us show how to throw, slab build and coil small pots. We made a big mess and had a blast!

Sandi works on a candelabra with the theme of a metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly.
Neil is working on one of the domes to his votive candlesticks below.

Above three photos are some of Neil’s work in progress.

Sandi glazing bowls and petal bowls waiting to get glazed.

Sandi’s pots in progress. Bisque ware everywhere!

As usual, Sandi is always trying new decorating techniques on her thrown work. A few years back she started a fruit and vegetable series and continues to develop that very different style of work for her. She has mostly done this work in black and white (below) but this year started adding color to some of the pots. It is a fun departure from her textured slab built work. Here she is carving a large mixing bowl.

Two large mixing bowls, and tumblers show the sgrafitto technique.

Spring & Summer, 2010 This year Philadelphia has had a most beautiful Spring Season. It was a long season with great weather and lush with flowers and greens. We take frequent walks along the river which includes the grounds of the Philadelphia Museum of Art which is in our back yard.

Art Museum

Nothing says summer like a patch of daisies.

purple pansy yellow pansy
Every year Pansies are usually the first flowers to show up in window boxes and they are always a welcome sight on our daily walks to our studio.

young dovesOnce again this year, we had pleasure of  watching morning doves prepare their nest in our flowering pear tree. We watched as the mother dove sat on her nest and saw the baby chick heads pop out to get fed. Here are the young doves about a week after they flew out of the nest. We watched as the parents pushed them to fly. We live in a big city and planting this tree has brought the miracles of nature right outside our bedroom window.

bleeding hearts

Every year we await the week that the bleeding hearts bloom in the Azalea Garden near our house. They are truly amazing flowers.

path leaves cluster
One of our walking paths along the side of the Art Museum close to the Schuylkill River. It is such a beautiful place to live.

red flower

arugala mango salad summer salad
Fresh Summer salads with greens from our community garden.

The Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms tend to bloom around the same time and the scene is spectacular.

neil on petals
On this particular Sunday afternoon it was “snowing” petals. Neil could not resist lying down on a bed of them.

Sandi rowing on the Schulylkill River, a short walk from home. This is after she won her first and only race. Rowing is for fun, exercise, seeing birds and yellow-bellied turtles sunning on rocks. Being on the river is glorious!

Neil demonstrates outside our studio during the Fairmount Arts Crawl an
annual neighborhood Art Event.

This Year We Celebrate 10 Years in our Studio Building as Neighborhood Potters!

This year NCECA (National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts) was held in Philadelphia. Our Pots & Potters Showcase held the week of the conference was a huge success with visitors from all over the world. We were very excited to host this group of dear friends and amazing potters. Thank you to all who attended any of our events.

March 31 – April 3, 2010 – Pots & Potters Showcase & Sale

Pots & Potters postcard
Potters are from left to right: McKenzie Smith, Lisa Naples, Neil Patterson, Susan Filley, Nick Joerling, Linda McFarling, Ellen Shankin, and Sandi Pierantozzi.

Below are some photos of our studio during our Pots & Potters Event.

Susan set up McKenzie set up
Susan Filley, Linda McFarling & McKenzie Smith setting up Pots & Potters

McKenzie DisplayMcKenzie Smith display

Susan diplay Susan Filley display Linda Display Linda McFarling display Nick's pot w:flowers Nick Display Nick Joerling display
Ellen diplay
Ellen Shankin display
Lisa Display
Lisa Naples diplay
room shot p&p p&p viewers potters group
Our group at the end of the sale, celebrating friendship and pots!
Reception Studio Potter
Mary Barringer, editor of Studio Potter Magazine thanking the members during their member party at our studio during NCECA.
Studio Potter reception
Lisa Naples & Kristen Kieffer at the Studio Potter reception.

Pre-NCECA Conference Workshops Neil demo pre-NCECA
Neil demonstrating pouring pots.

Sandi pre-nceca workshop
Sandi demonstrating a tripod pitcher.
 Neil hands Sandi hands
Neil demonstrates an assembled Teapot & Sandi shows a pushed in lid for a pouring pot.

February, 2010

So far this winter in Philadelphia has been one dig out after another. We have already had more snow than ever in the recorded history of snow here. Despite hours of shoveling and chipping away at inchcs of ice formed underneath, we have really enjoyed this winter. Our city neighborhood is pretty jumping after a big snow storm. The bars are packed and there are many impromptu parties since everyone can walk somewhere when you live in a city. We have been cooking and baking up a storm in our kitchen, and spending long hours making pots in the studio. It is a great sight to look out the window and see snow falling. It always seems eventful to us. We can really enjoy the snow because we do not own a car, and that is one less thing to dig out! We have enjoyed walking around taking photos of our newly glazed landscape.

studio window Looking out of our studio window during one of the snowstorms.

Studio Snow Neil & Cruets
Neil digging out the studio and inside later making a series of pouring pots. Sandi is also working on teapots and other pouring pots below.

Sandi teapotSandi Pots Snow on Deck
Our backyard deck is transformed and our little fireplace looks like a pot! It is like our whole world has been glazed by snow.

Molly's Castle
Lots of neighbors were out. We were shoveling, kids were having snow ball fights and building tunnels, forts and castles. This is Molly’s castle.

Home Ruby Snow
Our little row house and our cat Ruby looking to come back inside after romping on the deck in the snow. We usually don’t show photos of Ruby, but this one is pretty darn cute and he is quite a character

January, 2010

Sandi recently taught a workshop at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Afterward, she worked in the studio with her dear friend, Michele Ginouves who lives in Brooksville, Florida and makes large scale coil pots. The landscape in Florida is very different from Philadelphia and the plants there are great source of inspiration for form, texture and Decoration. Below are photos of Michele and her amazing pots and also of various plants on Michele’s land.

Michele working Michele with work
Michele with work in progress.

Michele's Work
These are some of Michele’s finished pieces. These pots are amazing.

The photos below are various plants surrounding her house.

Cactus Buds

Leaf Palm Bark

Palmetto Leave

February, 2010

Back in Philadelphia, some photos of our beautiful winter landscape in Fairmount Park where we love to walk. We live right near the Schuylkill River and watching nature change during each season of the year never ceases to amaze us.

red hanging berries

holly branch purple berries

Berry trees

Wisteria trunk Wisteria Pod

berry branch

December, 2009

The Fall is always very busy with getting ready for our studio sale. Below are some photos of the studio in action and of our most recent sale. We always have live music at our Friday night opening and this year we did something different and had The Sunshine Boys Barber Shop Quartet. They sang a variety of old time and holiday songs and everyone had a great time eating, drinking, shopping and looking at pots!

Working Studio Shot
The Studio just before setting up for the sale.

Studio Sale 2009
The same part of the studio all dressed up for the Open House Sale.

Sandi Pots on Table
Hot out of the kiln, one of many loads of pots coming out for the sale.

sandi spoon rests Aimee
Sandi’s spoon rests waiting to be bisqued & Aimee Gilmore, one of our studio assistants, stringing up Neil’s clay bird ornaments.

Sandi pots from above
Another table full of pots hot out of the kiln.

Barber Shop QuartetEveryone enjoyed The Sunshine Boys singing “Paper Doll”.




September 2009

The Handbuilt Conference that Sandi organized was a huge success! See photos. haynelisasandiholly
Demonstrators Hayne Bayless, Lisa Naples, Sandi Pierantozzi & Holly Walker

Summer  2009

Our little back yard deck. This year it exploded with color from all of the rain!
This year we planted “Zuchetta” the Italian version of Zucchini. This is a wild and crazy vegetable and so delicious cooked up in olive oil and garlic. We have been feasting on it!

In August and September Neil had a solo show at the mt burton gallery in Surf City, NJ. It was a beautiful show and Neil had good sales there despite the economy. neil-at-his-show
Neil with his work just before the opening reception.
neil-burton-show neil-matt
Neil and gallery owner, Matt Burton. The opening was on a beautiful summer evening.
flower-patch chicago-city
In August we visited Chicago and had a fantastic time in the city. This “Cloud Gate” a sculpture by Aneesh Kappor in Millennium Park downtown. We had great fun interacting with this scupture! sandineilchicago chicago
We had a very busy and productive summer. We began our summer with a “Clay Vacation” at the Burnsville, North Carolina studio of our dear friend, Linda McFarling. Our friend and fellow potter, Peg Malloy, from Carbondale, Colorado joined us this time. We did this a few years ago with Linda, and a couple of years before that with our good friend, Silvie Granatelli at her studio in Floyd, Virginia. Working in the studio together is a great way to share ideas, learn techniques from each other, cook and eat great meals together and then go back into our own studios with “new juice!” linda-studio
Linda’s studio in a beautiful setting

peg-throw-pitcher peg-wpitcher
We got right to work and Sandi, Linda and Peg decided to work on pitchers… who could throw the tallest one? We worked hard and laughed a lot!

linda-throw-pitcher sandi-throw-pitcher
Linda pulling the spout on a pitcher and Sandi can’t believe she threw something
that tall…she can throw, but her first love is slab building so this was great practice and incentive to keep making pitchers on the wheel.

While we were there we had the pleasure of watching hay get bailed. We learned
all about how the farmers know when the hay is ready. Very interesting for us city folk! The smell in the air on that beautiful evening was amazing.

faceted-cylinder facet-cyl-push-out
The next thing we decided to work on was faceting with kinked up wire. This was such a great thing to explore. The photos above show the beginning of a teapot. faceted-teapot

This is the teapot that Peg made from the faceted cylinder. Sandi showed Peg how to make a slab spout that was darted to work with the form.

neil-coil-build neil-big-coil
Neil decided he was just going to coil build the whole week since he mainly works on the wheel at home. Above he is working on the pot which is finished on the right. linda-driveway
Every day when we finally stopped for lunch we walked up this hill to eat on Linda’s huge porch with a beautiful view of the valley below.

sandi-porch img_0131 sandi-neil-working
Sandi and Neil coil building.

sandi-linda sandineil-pots
Sandi and Linda working on various ways to finish the rim of a hump mold pot. Coil pots by Neil in background and a coiled condiment dish by Sandi.
Good handles were a big topic. Here are Linda & Peg with freshly pulled handles.
Linda shows us how to make a large bowl with a fat hollow rim. She is amazing! linda-pot
Here is one of Linda’s beautiful casseroles. Big love and thanks to Linda for having us all there for this week of work and fun. Neil, Sandi and Peg were also celebrating 20 years of friendship. They all met each other
at Anderson Ranch in July, 1989 at a workshop lead by Chris Staley. Through lots of letters, and a few visits over the years, they kept in touch and remained good friends and Sandi & Neil got married!

Back Home in Our Studio decorated-cups
Sandi is always exploring new surfaces and over the past year has been trying her hand at slip trailing. It is like drawing and writing at the same time, which is the thing she loves about it. Although it challenging to learn and master, it is a technique she is excited about and plans to continue and explore in her work.

More slip trailed work. Although Sandi still mostly slab builds, she is giving herself some time on the wheel this summer to expand and grow. At this point she has two styles emerging, one with her decorated wheel work, and her textured handbuilt work keep changing to include some larger pieces and new surface ideas. There is so much to learn, and so much room for growth!
neilwteapot neil-coil-pot
Neil working on a new teapot, and another finished coil pot.
Some of Neil’s new teapots in progress.

sandi-tall-vases purple-flowers
Some new tall slab built vases by Sandi waiting to be carved and decorated, and more summer flowers from our favorite garden behind the Art Museum. sake-sets
Sandi’s exploration into Sake Sets, thrown and slip trailed.

Spring 2009


red-tulips purple-tulips
Spring has transformed our city landscape into a wonderland of color. As always we are busy making pots!

neil-crawl studio-sale
Neil demonstrates during our annual Fairmount Arts Crawl & a glimpse of the studio set up for our Spring Open House & Sale.

sandi-glazing neil-glazing
Sandi & Neil glazing work for a commission.
Sandi unloading finished cups for commission from the kiln.
Neil’s finished commission for breadstick holders & dipping bowls.

A display shelf in our studio.

February/March 2009

We had a few studio projects to do, such as adding more shelves for our student work and also changing our workspace to include a small retail area. We were ready to get back to making pots!

neil-constr sandi-constr retail-left
Our new retail area chock full of pots, jewelry and handmade cards.
retail-rte neil-trim sandi-work
Finally back in gear and happily making pots. Time to fill the shelves!
sandi-pot sandijar
Sandi continues to explore porcelain with these new pots and keeps adding new stamps to her already extensive palette of designs.

January, 2009

Although we are ready for Spring and look forward to planting our garden, we have had some good snow and ice storms that transformed our urban landscape into a bit of a wonderland. This transformation is much like what happens when we glaze our pots.
meredith-st-snow frozen-pine frozen-cabbage
Pines and winter cabbages glisten after an ice storm.

neil-with-spoon neil-hands-spoon
Neil working on a spoon.

Sandi has always made pouring pots and is constantly working on making them pour well. This is a new series she has been working on in porcelain. They are happy pots that beg to be picked up!

neil-shovel sandi-snowman
Time for work and time for play. We only get to do this once a year!
Our back yard wall…these look like little lidded pots!

olivia-figures anina-hands
Our classes are in full swing and the students are making some great work. Here are two figures by Olivia Coran and part of a sculptural piece by Anina Banks. We love that they bring us their great energy.

November/December 2008


May through October 2008
Below are some photos of work in progress, the Azalea Garden at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in all of its Autumn glory, last Spring in Italy, our backyard paradise at home, and some of the beautiful bounty from our plot at the local community garden
in Summer.

autumn-azalea-garden.JPG neil-building-sacred-vase-235pix.JPG sandi-full-figure-vase-copy235pix.jpg sunflowers500pix.JPG sandi-pitcher.jpg sandi-pillow-vase.JPG donut-peaches.JPG neils-candlesticks-in-process.JPG neil-sacred-vase.JPG neil-umbrella-copy.jpg noah.JPG sandi-building-flute-vase.JPG
Noah Beytin, our new assistant.
sliced-tomatoes-copy.jpg tomatoes-flowers.JPG deck.JPG torrone.JPG
May/June, 2008. We had a fantastic Adventure in Italy! We traveled alone for two weeks walking miles every day. Went to Rome, Florence, Venice and Cinque Terre, and then hooked up with a group of other potters in Siena to go to Volterra, in Tuscany, where we rented a villa for a week. What a week it was. Traveling to small towns, visiting museums together, cooking, eating, and drinking chianti! There were eleven of us, and we felt so fortunate to have been invited to participate in this great adventure with a group of favorite potters and friends from all across the country. Let us have a toast to clay, which brought us all together. group-photo-copy.jpg
Here we are in Colle Val d’Elsa, a beautiful little town. Going around the table from the left: Gail Kendall, Mary Law, Josephine Rand, Jim Newlin, Silvie Granatelli, Suze Lindsay, Kent McLaughlin, Malcolm Davis, Clary Illian and us.
This is a photo of one of the rooms at the Etruscan Museum in Volterra, which houses an amazing collection of Etruscan art and POTS. A paradise for potters!
This is Manarola, one of the villages in Cinque Terre which means “Five Lands.” There are five villages all along the Lagurian Coast and you can hike from village to village along the coastline. It was breathtaking and we had beautiful weather.
This is us stopping to take in the view on one of our hikes to the villages. murano-blue-sculpture.JPG
Murano –
This is a paradise if you are a glass artist. There are glass furnaces and shops all over Murano which is a short vaporetto ride from Venice. The Glass Museum was filled with amazing work including many glass pots. These next couple of photos are of some of the public art on Murano. murano-glass-sculpture.JPG abacus-sculpture.JPG
We loved this giant abacus…they are giant beads!
Burano –
Catch another vaporetto (boat bus) to Burano which is where they make lace by hand. A beautiful and very colorful little island.
Thanks for checking in and taking the time to indulge with us about our trip. We are filled with much inspiration from all of the pots, architecture, windows, doors, textures, food and drink. Look for new work from both of us. We were very ready to get our hands back in clay and filter through all of our new ideas for pots. Keep checking in to see what happens with our work. Ciao!

We are constantly adding new information and images here so please keep checking in for updates. As always, you can contact us at pots@sandiandneil.com if you have any questions about our work or the classes and workshops we offer.

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